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about multimarketing

What do we offer?

Through extensive background in marketing and IT we would like to be your one-stop partner when it comes to helping your business on any technical challenge you may face. This may vary from getting your company noticed on the Internet to setting up a complete IT structure on your premises.

Services we regularly offer
  • Creation, load optimimization & improvement of websites
  • Server maintance, IT Support, Apple Specialists
  • Newsletters, SMS Marketing
  • Set up & maintenance online stores

Our services are not only limited to the above. Have a technical challenge? Why not give us a call or ping us an e-mail and we would be happy to see what's possible.

  • (+34) 605 565 411
  • Passeig de Joan de Borb√≥, 99, 08039, Barcelona

Extensive knowledge with competitive pricing

You will find expertise on different disciplinaries at MultiMarketing, but we're not important here ... You are!
We're always open for a free consultation, to see how we can help you in the best way possible. If something is beyond our reach or know-how, we can easily refer you to a specialist in our network.